Joan Willshire, Consultant, Author, Speaker, Change Agent for Disability Inclusion

Joan’s mission is that

no one is left out!

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Change Agent for Disability Inclusion


Disability Matters . . .

Joan’s passion and mission for disability inclusion and equity come from her many life experiences. Most important, Joan lives with a disability and understands the challenges. She has also:

  • Worked in many executive-level positions championing disability inclusion
  • Advised and advocated for all people with disabilities
  • Transformed disability laws and policies to increase accessibility, equity, and inclusion

Joan’s mission is that no one is left out! This is reflected by the diversity and inclusion of everyone. It’s vital for people with disabilities to be visible in the places they live, work, and play.



Autonomous Vehicles
White Bear Lake, MN 2022
Disability Viewpoints Co-Host
25th ADA Anniversary with Mark Dayton
Autonomous Vehicles
Rochester MN, 2021
Joan received in 2018 Commitment to Service award from governor Dayton‘s counsel on the Martin Luther king Junior holiday
Joan Willshire at 2016 Upper Midwest Emmy Awards


One in five individuals lives with a disability.

Disability doesn’t discriminate.

People with disabilities make up the largest minority group in the population. They represent all abilities, ages, genders, races, religions, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

As a first step, organizations often use an etiquette framework (what you can and can’t say) to discuss disability. It doesn’t stop there, it’s only the beginning . . .

As a change agent, Joan helps organizations build a sustainable and robust disability environment through hiring, marketing board recruitment and representation. It’s imperative that these areas include an intersectional, equity-driven approach to disability inclusion. Diversity and inclusion drive innovation, and collaboration can lead to success.

Joan can offer a thorough review of your disability issues to provide assurance that you are moving in the right direction to an inclusive environment. It’s essential for people with disabilities to be visible in their workplaces and communities.

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As a change agent for people with disabilities, Joan Willshire, President of Willshire Consulting, has transformed disability laws and policies to increase accessibility, equity, and inclusion.

From disability rights, autonomous vehicles, transportation, healthcare, and emergency preparedness, Joan has an in-depth knowledge of the issues impacting the disability community.

As a former Executive Director of the Minnesota Council on Disability (MCD) for 15 years, Joan Willshire knows how to navigate complex public policies across myriad state agencies, legislators, committees, and Governors’ administrations.

Joan has worked in:

  • Disability Equity, Human Rights, and ADA Compliance – Guiding major disability decisions that improve the lives of people with disabilities
  • Government Relations & Partnerships – Fighting for the rights of the disability community takes collaboration to achieve accessibility for all
  • Health Equity – Strong understanding of the health care interactions with the patient and provider through work at the Courage Center
  • Transportation – Helping to increase access transit options for people with disabilities statewide
  • Public Speaker – Addressing the unique challenges facing the disability community through compelling storytelling, passion, and purpose
  • Awards, Board Participation, and Volunteer Work – Award-winning and dedicated advocate and volunteer for the disability community