Autonomous Vehicles in Minnesota

An entire episode of Disability Viewpoints was dedicated to autonomous vehicles in Minnesota. Including:
Interview with Rochester Mayor, Kim Norton of Rochester on their year-long autonomous vehicle challenge, circling around the mayo clinic
Discussion of the new pilot being connected in White Bear Lake
Discussion with the executive director of the University Of Minnesota centers for transportation studies and research.


Big Snowfall of 2022

As usual, the biggest issues I run into are curb cuts clogged with snow and access aisles of the disability parking spots not shoveled out completely.

There’s truly a lack of awareness about the access aisle in the disability parking area. Minnesota Building Code requires a 10-foot access in the disability parking area. This means the entire parking area must be cleared of snow and ice!


Volunteer Driver Program

SEMCIL, Volunteer Drivers Host Joan Willshire explores Minnesota’s Volunteer Driver programs with Mary Quirk, Living at Home Network, and Sherry Munyon, Capitol Access. Over 75,000