Disability Inclusion Was NOT at the Promenade du Norde in 2024

Nicollet Mall was transformed into the  Promenade du Nord – A “Parisian Street Fair” made up of local makers, performers, artists, vendors, outdoor cafes, food trucks, and more from Nicollet Mall between 7th Street & 12th Street but not for everyone! Those of us who use wheelchairs and scooters or have difficulty stepping up curbs were not even able to get into the Vendor booths! The reason why is that they put the booths on the sidewalks and the curbs created the biggest barrier! 
The Kick Off of Gymnastics City USA on Promenade du Nord –“Parisian Street Fair” – the ultimate unique shopping experience with a collection of vendors and artists curated by Michael Berthiaume left out a huge population of people with physical disabilities! There is no excuse! The ADA has been around for 34 years! Very disappointed that in the year of 2024 organizers of events like this still cannot get it right!
-Joan Willshire, Willshire Consulting