Elevator Out of Order

Senator Tami Duckworth planned to see the new Barbie movie with her young daughters …
But, that’s not what happened. 
Sen. Duckworth called ahead to make sure the theater was accessible. The person at the theater assured her it was. When the Senator arrived with her daughters, she discovered that the elevator was not working. 
The situation Senator Duckworth experienced, with a nonfunctioning elevator at the movie theater is unfortunate but common. And of course, this situation was especially disappointing because the Senator’s daughters wanted to see the movie with her. It was supposed to be a family outing that couldn’t happen because of the elevator.
The thing about accessibility is when it works, It really works well, but when it doesn’t work, it messes up everyone’s plans. This is why we need to look at how buildings are designed architecturally. High-traffic public areas that require an elevator, not only require regular Inspections, but in this case, theater staff needed to know this.
I know, I personally have encountered the elevator not working. It’s extremely frustrating and maddening when it happens. Calling ahead of time to ensure that the elevator is functioning is always a good option to avoid these disappointing times when the elevator isn’t working. This was just one of those theaters and movie destinations where you could not just go to another movie. The whole evening was planned around seeing the Barbie with her kids! 
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