ADA Compliance in Transitional Care Facilities - Missing in Action​

Joan Willshire (2023), Minnesota Physician, The Independent Medical Business Journal, August 2023, Volume XXXVII, No. 05. 

For a person with a disability and many years of extensive experience with most sectors of health care delivery, one of the most scary and fearful thoughts is anticipating going to a transitional care unit (TCU) or rehabilitation center after a stay in the hospital. 

I have experienced two different transitional care unit situations. In both instances I requested a fully accessible room with four feet in front of the toilet for easy access for a scooter/wheelchair. In both cases I had been in the hospital longer than the expected protocol post surgery. Seven years ago my hospital stay was eight days long, part of which was a result of not being able to find accessible transitional care. More recently I was in the hospital for a projected three days, which turned into 15. Again, the reason was not being able to find transitional care that met my requirements.

Joan Willshire