Medicare and the Donut Hole – My Medicare Experience

Three months ago I started on Medicare, and what a nightmare it has been! The first month I was having difficulty getting Medicare set up. Now the second and third months my challenges have been about pharmacy and medication issues; they don’t want to pay for specialty drugs at all! And somehow I’m already in the donut hole even though I just started July 1st. I thought I would miss that donut hole because I wasn’t starting at the beginning of the year but now here I am stuck in the donut hole!

Patient Perspective on COVID-19

Imagine the loss of mobility and independence, the disruption of routines, the day program that doesn’t open, the beloved caregiver who doesn’t come, and the lack of support that leaves some families with now choice but to instituionalize their loved ones, and you have a sense of what many in the disability community are going through every day due to COVID-19.