Medicare and the Donut Hole – My Medicare Experience

Three months ago I started on Medicare, and what a nightmare it has been! The first month I was having difficulty getting Medicare set up. Now the second and third months my challenges have been about pharmacy and medication issues; they don’t want to pay for specialty drugs at all! And somehow I’m already in the donut hole even though I just started July 1st. I thought I would miss that donut hole because I wasn’t starting at the beginning of the year but now here I am stuck in the donut hole!

Partners in Policymaking Graduates Interview

37 years ago, the Minnesota Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities in the Department of Administration created a groundbreaking advocacy and leadership training program to give people with disabilities and their families the resources and skills to communicate effectively with their elected officials.

Elevator Out of Order

The situation Senator Duckworth experienced, with a nonfunctioning elevator at the movie theater is unfortunate but common. And of course, this situation was especially disappointing because the Senator’s daughters wanted to see the movie with her. It was supposed to be a family outing that couldn’t happen because of the elevator.

Barbie in the Box

Barbie has had many iterations during her 65 years as America’s favorite fashion doll. And yes, one was a Barbie using a wheelchair and Barbie’s dream house even had an elevator. That’s why I was thrilled to see a photo prop Barbie box at the movie theater where we could pose inside the Barbie box. I was determined to get inside that box if it killed me! It was barely accessible, but I made it work with my scooter. I looked like the next new Barbie doll on the shelf! Scooter Barbie here I come!

Disability Pride Month – July 2023

The entire month of July is now celebrated as Disability Pride Month. This is a good idea as the LGBTQ community has certainly been successful organizing a grass roots effort to celebrate Pride in June. Disability pride month is about celebrating our differences without using the label special needs.

Autonomous Vehicles in Minnesota

An entire episode of Disability Viewpoints was dedicated to autonomous vehicles in Minnesota. Including:
Interview with Rochester Mayor, Kim Norton of Rochester on their year-long autonomous vehicle challenge, circling around the mayo clinic
Discussion of the new pilot being connected in White Bear Lake
Discussion with the executive director of the University Of Minnesota centers for transportation studies and research.

Big Snowfall of 2022

As usual, the biggest issues I run into are curb cuts clogged with snow and access aisles of the disability parking spots not shoveled out completely.

There’s truly a lack of awareness about the access aisle in the disability parking area. Minnesota Building Code requires a 10-foot access in the disability parking area. This means the entire parking area must be cleared of snow and ice!