Elevator Out of Order

The situation Senator Duckworth experienced, with a nonfunctioning elevator at the movie theater is unfortunate but common. And of course, this situation was especially disappointing because the Senator’s daughters wanted to see the movie with her. It was supposed to be a family outing that couldn’t happen because of the elevator.

Barbie in the Box

Barbie has had many iterations during her 65 years as America’s favorite fashion doll. And yes, one was a Barbie using a wheelchair and Barbie’s dream house even had an elevator. That’s why I was thrilled to see a photo prop Barbie box at the movie theater where we could pose inside the Barbie box. I was determined to get inside that box if it killed me! It was barely accessible, but I made it work with my scooter. I looked like the next new Barbie doll on the shelf! Scooter Barbie here I come!

Patient Perspective on COVID-19

Imagine the loss of mobility and independence, the disruption of routines, the day program that doesn’t open, the beloved caregiver who doesn’t come, and the lack of support that leaves some families with now choice but to instituionalize their loved ones, and you have a sense of what many in the disability community are going through every day due to COVID-19.