Disability Pride Month – July 2023

The entire month of July is now celebrated as Disability Pride Month. This is a good idea as the LGBTQ community has certainly been successful organizing a grass roots effort to celebrate Pride in June. Disability pride month is about celebrating our differences without using the label special needs.

Big Snowfall of 2022

As usual, the biggest issues I run into are curb cuts clogged with snow and access aisles of the disability parking spots not shoveled out completely.

There’s truly a lack of awareness about the access aisle in the disability parking area. Minnesota Building Code requires a 10-foot access in the disability parking area. This means the entire parking area must be cleared of snow and ice!

Patient Perspective on COVID-19

Imagine the loss of mobility and independence, the disruption of routines, the day program that doesn’t open, the beloved caregiver who doesn’t come, and the lack of support that leaves some families with now choice but to instituionalize their loved ones, and you have a sense of what many in the disability community are going through every day due to COVID-19.